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Ayurveda as medicine

In the Ayurveda-Klinik Kassel we practice authentic Ayurveda. This includes much more than is meant by the modern term "wellness". Over a span of more than two thousand years the scholars of Ayurveda have accumulated invaluable knowledge to enable us to lead a long and healthy life. While planning your individual treatments we rely on this treasure of knowledge and experience. You can trust the natural effectiveness of Ayurveda to harmonise body, mind and soul – you can trust us and yourself.

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Getting healthy and staying healthy

When the constituents of our organism are out of balance, we speak of disease. In addition to dispositional, emotional or environmental causes, errors in diet and lifestyle contribute to the imbalance of Doshas. Based upon ancient insights Ayurveda offers a host of therapeutic options to correct this imbalance. Oil-massages with specially medicated herbal oils, soft yet intense massages and judicious application of heat, a surprisingly varied and delicious cuisine, detoxification-therapies in a quiet relaxing surrounding offering a comprehensive reorientation and regeneration.

One of the special advantages of our Ayurveda-Klinik: Whenever necessary, we can use all diagnostic procedures offered in the Habichtswald-Klinik (with departments of Internal Medicine and Oncology as well as Psychosomatic Medicine). We do not insist in practicing any “pure medical system” but try to employ everything, that is beneficial to you. Ayurveda, as we understand it, focuses on individualised therapy. Perhaps that is one of the reasons, why physicians of various specialities comprise a large part of our patients.


Therapeutic applications

In Ayurveda, treatments with oil have been recommended since ancient times to both preserve health and to treat illness. Not just the type of oil, such as sesame or sunflower for example, is important. The preparation of the oil, whether it is boiled with different herbal essences, is also key.

In addition to a full-body massage with oil, different applications of oil to treat different areas of the body were discovered very early on. Over the centuries other applications of oil were developed and refined, whether it be the application of oil to the forehead or a scalp massage, every use of oil has a specific effect and is used individually. Take advantage of the chance to personally discover the different uses of oil in Ayurveda as they are practised by our trained, professional staff.


The three Doshas

The conception of “five great elements” forms the systematic basis of ayurvedic science. Everything in this world including the human body is made up of these five elements. So, the interaction of humans and their surroundings can be systematically explained on this basis.

From the ayurvedic perspective the human organism is made up of two main components: Structural components like various tissues and channel-like structures such as blood-vessels, nerves etc. On the other hand, there are functional components, which regulate the constantly evolving process of life. Among these functional components the so-called three Dosha-s are particularly important. These Dosha-s regulate bodily functions, their specific manifestations form the individual constitution of humans and they can initiate disease-processes when their balance is disturbed.

Vata regulates all processes of movement and mobility such as breathing and the movement of bowels, on a psycho-mental level it effects mental agility and creativity. Pitta is responsible for processes of transformation like digestion and metabolism and on a psycho-mental plane it enables a sharp intellect and assertiveness. Kapha effects stability and structure like a stable body-structure and joints as well as patience and long-term memory on the psycho-mental side.

The Dosha-Constitution
One of the fundamental characteristics of Ayurveda is the individual approach to each and every person. The premise being that there is not one uniform norm for all humans. Every person is born with an individual constitution, characterised by a specific combination of the three Dosha-s. Typical features of the individual constitution are:

  • The Vata-type tends to have cold hands and feet as well as a dry skin. His appetite is irregular and he often suffers from constipation. Vata-types show enthusiasm for new ideas easily.
  • The Pitta-type prefers a cool environment and tans easily. He has a strong appetite and cannot skip meals. Pitta-types make good leaders and are good at achieving what they set out to do.
  • The Kapha-type has a soft skin showing only few wrinkles even in an advanced age. He is fond of eating but has no problems in skipping meals. Kapha-types tend to gain weight and have a good long-term memory.
Diverse Lebensmittel

Ayurvedic cuisine

Ayurvedic cuisine is one of the main components of the holistically-oriented “science of a long and healthy life.” As such, it is also of major importance at our clinic. We adjust the food to fit each of the three Doshas, and all of the six major taste groups (see below), but also seek to please our palates and habituation, especially through the use of some of the special spices of India.

The discipline of Ayurveda allows for the inclusion of some animal products in small amounts (eggs, fish and seafood, poultry), but during your stay with us at the Ayurveda Klinic, you will become familiar with vegetarian cuisine that will surprise you with its variety. Relinquishing meat is part of the purification and regeneration process and as such serves to support all the other therapeutic applications used.



An important prerequisite for effective ayurvedic therapies is the precise assessment of the individual, including his living conditions, the region he lives in, food-habits and his social history.

Our experience from practicing Ayurveda in Germany over more than 20 years shows that Ayurveda can offer an effective alternative in the treatment of many diseases. In other situations, Ayurveda works as a complementary mode of therapy to enhance the effects of medical treatment or reduce unwanted side-effects of disease or medical treatment.


Healing aspects & experience

In addition to the specific ayurvedic treatments we offer a varied programme with lectures, discussion-groups, video and television, various forms of meditation and mantra-singing. These activities are open to all patients and guests of the Habichtswald-Klinik – free of charge.

From A for ayurvedic cooking class to Y for Yoga you will find a wide range of other activities to choose from. Our patients appreciate the lectures and presentations on various aspects of Ayurveda.

Various kinds of meditation offer an opportunity for peace and reflection, they are not connected to any particular religion or ideology.

A tastefully furnished “tea-room” exclusively for the use of our Ayurveda-patients is available for relaxation after meals, in the evenings or just to sit leisurely and read. Enjoy a cup of herbal tea and remind yourself how wonderful the simple pleasures of life can be.

Directly & without obligation Ayurveda – is effective for your health

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