What Ayurveda means


Literally translated, Ayurveda is the “science of (a long and healthy) life”. It originated in the high-culture of ancient India. The wisdom collected there over 2000 years ago regarding the connection between body, spirit and soul, philosophy, nature and diet, still forms the foundation of Ayurveda today, making it one of the most extensive holistic healing systems known. It takes all aspects of human life into account.

Ayurveda is focused on promoting harmony between human beings and nature.
This complex, internally completely logical system strives to achieve harmony among body, spirit and soul.

The basis for this is the balance of all energy streams which determine our constitutions. If you are imbalanced – whether the cause is stress, unhealthy diet or other influences – the agreeable Ayurveda therapeutic applications will soon bring you back into harmony.

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Getting and staying healthy

Treat diseases with Ayurveda

We use our knowledge and wisdom over 2000 years to take advantage of strengthening, detoxification and for the prevention and treatment of diseases.
Benefit from our holistic healing practices which includes all human aspects.

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