Die Gesundheit des Gesunden schützen und die Krankheit des Erkrankten behandeln, dies sind die vornehmsten Ziele des Ayurveda. Wir können viel tun, um Sie wieder ins Gleichgewicht zu bringen, ...
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What it means

Ayur-veda literally means: the science of (long and healthy) life. This wisdom comes from the ancient civilization of India. What was already known there more than 2000 years ago about the connections between body, mind and soul, philosophy, nature and food and supplies, still forms the basis of the most comprehensive holistic health education that we know. It incorporates all aspects of human life.

Ayurveda has the harmony between man and nature in mind. The complex, in itself completely coherent system tends to the harmony of body, mind and soul. This is based on the balance of energy flows that determine our constitution. If out of tune - whether due to stress, poor diet or other factors - soothing ayurvedic treatments soon bring you back to stability.

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