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Three frequently asked questions for the medical team of Ayurvedic Clinic

1. Is Ayurveda, which stems from a completely different culture at all relevant to our situation in Germany?

Ayurveda actually even demands that all the conditions in which the individual lives are taken into account, i. e. the region with its climatic characteristics, the time (season, time of day, age) and the individual condition of a person. In many years of practice both we and our guests have experienced that Ayurveda can be successfully applied in Germany.

2. Does Ayurveda have something to do with religion?

That each person maintains his faith is part of the ayurvedic world view. Even in ancient times there were writers and doctors who held different religious beliefs - Hindus or Buddhists, Christians and Muslims can be found among the ayurvedic doctors in India today.

3. Ayurveda sometimes seems like a wonder cure. Does it really help against anything and everything? What are the limits of Ayurveda?

Of course, Ayurveda is not a miracle cure for everything. A fractured leg or an acute appendicitis should first be treated with the tools of modern medicine. But we have made the experience that Ayurveda can represent an effective alternative or supplement in the treatment of many diseases. A list of typical indications can be found on page 8. Moreover, our Ayurveda Clinic is part of the Habichtswald Clinic, which houses various medical departments.

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