Die Gesundheit des Gesunden schützen und die Krankheit des Erkrankten behandeln, dies sind die vornehmsten Ziele des Ayurveda. Wir können viel tun, um Sie wieder ins Gleichgewicht zu bringen, ...
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Staying Healthy

You are actually feeling healthy and fit, but you want to give your body and soul some tender loving care? Even in this case you are at the right place with us. Then, subjective well-being is the first step to finding balance, health and happiness.

You are yourself familiar with the saying: beauty comes from the inside. This can be strengthened through both targeted and soft means of ayurvedic preparations and massages, as well as through the comfortable atmosphere at Bad Wilhelmshöhe. You yourself will see (and others will affirm): Ayurveda increases the joy of life and makes you younger.

Make the most of our favourable offers and grant yourself a few days in peace, regeneration and body-soul relaxation. Let us spoil you in a friendly atmosphere. Revive your organs and tissues and improve your vegetative functions through full or part body massages. Get to know the ayurvedic cuisine and gain expertise in ayurvedic cooking skills.

Find yourself again and take time for reflection, for example through calm hours of tea-drinking – which is of course aligned to the three doshas - in a relaxing atmosphere and a beautiful and stimulating environment.  Let the friendly specialists – from doctors to chefs – explain the ayurvedic system. Trust in our expertise and the verifiable experiences of other guests!

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