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The Panchakarma cure

...Its importance and its most important applications.

Among the variety of therapeutic methods in Ayurveda, Panchakarma is perhaps the most dominant. For the healthy, it offers many opportunities for regeneration, for the patient it will open ways to alleviate or cure.

Panchakarma translated literally means "five actions". In ancient times, these referred to the five so-called "principal treatments’. A Panchkarma cure at the Habichtswald Clinic consists of three phases:

1. Preparation

Before the intensive treatment deposits are dissolved, to be subsequently discharged. To this means clarified butter (ghee) is taken in the morning over several days. Gentle external oil applications and plenty of rest support the preparation.

2. Main Treatment

Five treatment methods may be used:

   1. Vamana, the therapeutic vomiting. This therapy is rather rare.
   2. Virecana a detoxifying day, the most common way of discharging Panchakarma. After the "ghee-days" a mild laxative is given.
   3. Basti or Vasti, special enemas. The ayurvedic enemas serve not only the colon cleansing, but work - depending on the composition -on   building   or balancing.
   4. Nasya, whereby special herbal oils are poured into the nose - from the ayurvedic perspective, the most effective treatment for head diseases.
   5. Raktamoksana, the ayurvedic bloodletting. If "the blood is contaminated," according to ayurvedic view, a little bloodletting is performed after appropriate preparation.

Besides these "traditional" treatments, you can also enjoy ayurvedic oil applications, for example forehead casting or synchronous massages have profound effects on body, mind and soul.

3. After-care

Careful food intake and following detailed recommendations for the way of life at home are part of the after-care. In the final discussion you will hear, what you can do to prolong the effects of the Panchakarma cure, to continue to feel good, young and beautiful after leaving Kassel-Bad Wilhelmshöhe.

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