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Look forward to these beneficial applications

Man receives beautiful skin through oil massage, the limbs become supple, man does not age as quickly, will be strong and beautiful to look at. (According to Charaka-Samhita, Su. 5.89)

In many ancient civilizations, the anointing with oil had a special meaning. Oils were considered very precious substances, and even in the Bible we can read that the anointing with oil was a special award (see, e. g. 1 Samuel 10.1 and Gospel according to Mark 14.3).

In Ayurveda, treatments with oil have been recommended since ancient times for the purpose of maintaining health and for the treatment of diseases. Not only the type of oil – e.g. for example sesame oil or sunflower oil - but also the method of preparation, like that of boiling with special herbal decoctions are of great importance. In addition to oil massage of the whole body it was known since long that specific oil applications for individual body regions can have certain benefits. The "anointing of the feet", called in Ayurveda Padabhyanga is also a tradition since at least biblical times. Over the centuries, further oil applications have been developed and refined. Whether face-oil treatment or head massage, each and every application has specific effects and is used individually. In our ayurvedic therapy department you will have the opportunity to access the far-reaching and beneficial effects of the ayurvedic oil applications, carried out by specially trained therapists.

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