Die Gesundheit des Gesunden schützen und die Krankheit des Erkrankten behandeln, dies sind die vornehmsten Ziele des Ayurveda. Wir können viel tun, um Sie wieder ins Gleichgewicht zu bringen, ...
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Becoming Healthy

It is when the elements are no longer in harmony that disease happens. Disharmony of the doshas can be attributed to constitutional, emotional and environmental causes, but also to nutritional or lifestyle conditions.

Ayurveda offers new and diverse possibilities that are based on ancient knowledge. This includes combinations of oil baths, soft but intensive massages, surprisingly diverse and delicious cuisine, detoxifying therapies, as well as a relaxing environment and extensive offers for reflection, excitation and new orientation.

The unique advantage of our Ayurveda Clinic: when we see it as justified we make use of the diagnostic services offered by the other departments of the Habichtswald Clinic (Internal Medicine, Orthopaedics and Psychosomatic). We have no contact problems in either direction. We do not seek to dogmatically enforce the ‘pure theory’, the ‘this or the other’.

Ayurveda, as we understand it promotes the application of individual means. In this sense our doctors complement the ayurvedic diagnostic techniques, with those from orthodox medicine, in cases where this may be beneficial. Just as Western medicine has changed over time, so too Ayurveda has failed to remain stagnant and has adopted new knowledge into its ‘theory of life’. Today some of our most curious and satisfied guests are doctors themselves.

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