Die Gesundheit des Gesunden schützen und die Krankheit des Erkrankten behandeln, dies sind die vornehmsten Ziele des Ayurveda. Wir können viel tun, um Sie wieder ins Gleichgewicht zu bringen, ...
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some important ingredients

What you'll learn to know and appreciate, among other things:

Ghee, clarified butter. This natural product is used as a staple food in ayurvedic cuisine - and is also the remedy. Ghee balances Vata and Pitta, without reinforcing Kapha too much. The regular, judicious use of ghee promotes vitality and is useful for all tissues.
Chai, black tea flavoured with aromatic ginger and cardamom. Depending on the thickness and composition, it is invigorating and calming. Chai is often drunk with milk.
Dal, various Indian lentils cooked in a special way. Dals are considered particularly nutritious and are a good balance for Vata and Pitta.

Some important spices in ayurvedic cooking:

Curcuma (turmeric) reduces all three doshas, stimulates the metabolism and reduces excess fat.
Cumin reduces especially Vata and is therefore useful in indigestion with flatulence.
Nutmeg as an aromatic healing spice reduces especially Vata and Kapha and is useful for example to treat appetite or sleep disturbances.
Cardamom reduces all three doshas and is useful against bad taste in the mouth.
Ginger is used in Ayurveda extraordinarily diversely. Ginger stimulates the digestive fire, thereby promoting the ‘digestive power’. With colds a sweaty ginger tea, perhaps with some honey can work wonders.
Coriander is also a very aromatic spice that is useful for bloating. Coriander leaves on potatoes are also very tasty.

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