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Knowledge and Understanding

We bring you to other thoughts and back to yourself

Lectures and discussions, video and gatherings, meditation and mantra chanting are part of the comprehensive program that is open to all guests and patients at the Habichtswald Clinic. The offer ranges from A to Y - from ayurvedic cooking classes to yoga. Spiritual counselling and pastoral care are also available and concerts, theatre performances and dance events can be attended - of course all free of cost and depending on your mood.

The focus of attention, especially with our Ayurveda patients, are insightful, profound and yet easy to understand in lectures on the theory of the "science of life" and on the historical and philosophical roots of this healing system. They are used to strengthen and deepen the understanding of Ayurveda.

The meditations and personal prayers, mantra-singing and all offers for peace and reflection are NOT bound by ideology, beliefs or religions.

A tastefully furnished, so-called "tea room" is available for use by all our Ayurveda guests, whether after dinner, after treatments or just for reading or learning more about other guests. Soft background music contributes to the relaxed atmosphere and takes you far away from everyday life. Let yourself be convinced how pleasant the simple pleasures in life can be e. g. a cup of hot ginger tea.

Like all the offers of the Framework Program, they are intended to supplement the therapy, as vademecum for mind and spirit, not least as an alternative to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, away from the sensory overload through all possible media and perhaps to stimulate a slightly different way of life. In this sense they are also building blocks for the intended harmony of body, mind and soul.

Surprise yourself              

Many visitors and patients attend the cooking classes that are usually offered on Friday or Saturday afternoon by our long-time chief cook Marion Saleina. Saleina who has learnt the basics of ayurvedic cooking in India, familiarizes the participants with the ingredients and contexts of such diet in an informal environment. Many participants are stimulated by these classes and create a meal plan in their own households using their ayurvedic knowledge. Today this is easily possible, as the spices and other ingredients are available at the supermarkets, in Asian shops or via specialized mail order.

At the end of a cure with us you will receive individual nutrition recommendations. And if you took the cooking class, the recipe book provides enough stimulation for more varied diet that you can design in your home.

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